The 22nd International Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition & Conference!

Posted at December, 1, 2018 views: 1373
The 22nd International Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition & Conference!

The 22nd International Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition & Conference(OSEA), was held from November 27 to 29 at Marina Bay Sands Singpore. As the largest and most mature oil and gas industry event in Asia, It attracted more than 18000 trade representatives from the oil and gas industry.

Klifting has made great achievements in this exhibition. Our professional sales staff introduced the EN13411-3 (DIN3093) seamless aluminum ferrules and steel ferrules to foreign buyers and exhibitors in details, relying on the advantage of "seamless, safer" , a large number of oil and gas agents and end customers from different countries were attracted to watch and get further information of our products,which greatly promoted Klifting’s popularity among aluminum ferrule and steel ferrule manufacturers in the oil and gas industry.

Wire rope swagging machine and testing bed are also shinning points during our participation in the exhibition. Our technicians displayed the operation process of our new touch screen wire rope press machine and tension testing bed by playing video. Wire rope swagging machine can complete the pressing process through touch screen, which is easy to set and operate and more efficient than other similar products. The testing bed is equipped with a measurement and control system specially designed for rigging testing. It is more professional than others with the visual operation function of computer, which is easy to set and operate, and won the praise of professional buyers.

Seamless aluminum ferrule series , steel ferrule series, wire rope swagging machine , testing bed and pressing die represent Klifting’s four-in-one pressing system, with our professional products we can satisfy customer's comprehensive demand to the greatest extent.

This exhibition has greatly enhanced our reputation and influence in oil and gas field, demonstrated the technology and strength of the company, and has reached a preliminary cooperation intention with a number of international enterprises which is beyond our expectation.