How much do you know about hoisting sling ?

Posted at December, 13, 2016 views: 1010
How much do you know about hoisting sling ?

We are the manufacturer of rigging hardware,the rigging hardware has closed relationships with hoisting sling.

Now let's share some knowledge about hoisting slings.

1) Hoisting sling  are used in various environment, from large iron and steel joint ventures to modern ports, construction sites, railway hubs, tourist resorts. The workplace of slings is often encountered with high temperature, high pressure, flammable, transmission lines, risk factors, etc. which may threaten our machines and operators.

2) Hoisting sling are normally with small size and simple structure, and it can be used for lifting and horizontal movement work. 

3) Hoisting sling  can be used to lift variety of heavy loads, and the load is not fixed. Some of the loads are weighted up to hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons, and some are tens of meters long, and the shape is irregular. Hoisting operations are complex and dangerous.

4)Some of the hoisting sling  need to run in a larger space range, some need to install rails and wheels (such as tower cranes, bridge cranes, etc.) some need to walk on wire ropes (such as passenger, cargo aerial ropeway). The big working space makes damage bigger once accident happens. 

Above characteristics of slings makes it has a great relationship with safety. If there’s problem in designing, manufacturing, installation or maintenance, it may cause casualties or equipment accidents. Not only human hurt but also may bring you big economic loss.