How to get the knowledge of turnbuckles?

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How to get the knowledge of turnbuckles?

Turnbuckle is one of the rigging hardware, and it is used to tighten wire rope. People call it wire rope tightener as well, while it is adjustable. O+O type is often used in where there is fixed, and H+H is used in places where it is detached often, H+O is used in places where one end is detached often. Turnbuckle is connecting tool to connect things by adjusting screw stud at both ends.

Cautions to use turnbuckles: JIS turnbuckle is mainly used to fasten or adjust tension; it can be used in the chain, steel wire rope and steel base support and so on. Make sure at least 25% of the length of screw has entered the body. It is widely used in machinery, metallurgical mining equipment, oil derrick, loading and unloading at the port or railway, forestry machinery, power equipment, land and sea transport, engineering rescue, salvaging a sunken ship, lifting, rigging etc.

Product features: High strength, safe, good appearance, smooth transition, high WLL, can withstand the impact load, long service life

Product quality: strictly follow the international standards and national standards in production, sampling inspection according to the requirements, tested pieces must achieve the strength of steel wire rope, i.e., no slip, no release, no fracture at the break pressure part of steel wire rope.

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