About Us

Klifting Industrial Co.,Ltd. is specialized in providing professional solutions for hoisting and rigging system, wire rope splicing system, testing bed, special aluminum profile, metal mould and related products.
We provide aluminium alloy seamless ferrules for wire rope fastening solution (seamless aluminum ferrule, seamless aluminum buckle) with the brand. After countless researches conducted by professional engineers, our seamless ferrules are processed by special techniques in special profile factory. Both DIN standard and national standard are available. The material(5051A), size and processing technology of our products totally meet the requirement of EN 13411-3 standard and GB/T6846-2008 standard won the widespread recognition of customers in lifting field at home and abroad.
Aiming at the solution for wire rope pressing equipment, we developed open-typed wire rope swaging machine (150T 350T 600T) and close-typed wire rope swaging machine (350T 650T 1500T 3000T 5000T) to meet the pressing requirements of different type wire rope slings.
Aiming at the rigging safety test system, we developed testing bed (150T 300T 500T 1000T), which solved the tension test problem of hoisting equipment from a professional point of view.
We also supply ordinary aluminum ferrules (3A21) for non-lifting field, such as fishing net and wire rope fence, etc. 
Our copper ferrule and stainless steel ferrules are used in acid-base environment.
Our carbon sleeves serve for the reinforcement and insertion solution for wire rope splicing.
The wire rope swaging machine die produced by our company can be customized according to the specific needs of our customers to make sure all of our customers are satisfied with our products and services.
Aluminum profiles from 1 to 7 series are available. Welcome to set up long-term business relationship with us!