K-LD Tension Testing Bed

K-LD Tension Testing Bed

Testing Beds

K-LD Tension Testing Bed

●  The machine body is welded from high-manganese steel plate, and has the advantages of anti-tensile, anti-vibration, durable and not easily deformed. It is configured with ultrahigh-pressure pump system, ensuring plenty of power to easily complete the experiment.

●  The high-precision load cell, calibrated by a national-level metrology institute, has measurement accuracy better than 1%.

●  The tension test is controlled by computer, with simple operation interface and complete functions. The test can be completed by simply operating the mouse for selection. It can display data and corresponded curves in real time.

●  The computer will directly finish data acquisition and analysis after the pull test, and then print test report and line chart.

●  The equipment can complete various forms test, such as static tension test, breaking tension test, displacement test, and fatigue test, etc.

●  The machine is applicable to tensile test for various riggings, such as steel wire rope, steel wire rope, hoisting belt, strong ring, and shackle, etc. We can also provide tensile test solutions for profiled parts according to customer needs.

●  We can customize according to your needs.

No. Iterm K-LD300KN K-LD600KN K-LD1000KN K-LD2000KN K-LD3000KN K-LD4000KN
A Effective Length 3000 4000 12000 12000 8000 8000
B Maximum Length 6500 8000 17000 18000 15000 16000
C Maximum Width 1000 1250 1400 1800 1900 2200
D Inner Width 600 750 800 1100 1100 1200
E Machine Height 300 380 420 550 650 700
F Maximum Height 410 480 560 700 850 1000
  Test Speed 6mm/s 3mm/s 3mm/s 1.2mm/s 0.8mm/s 0.6mm/s
  No-load Extension Speed 4.5mm/s 2.3mm/s 10mm/s 4.4mm/s 3mm/s 2.4mm/s
  No-load Recovery Speed 6mm/s 3mm/s 14mm/s 5.8mm/s 3.7mm/s 3mm/s
  Fuel Tank Capacity 120L 120L 180L 180L 240L 240L
  Motor Power 4KW 4KW 5.5KW+4KW 5.5KW+4KW 5.5KW+4KW 5.5KW+4KW
  Frequency 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ
  Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Voltage and Freuenty can be customized
Software Language Chinese&English&Customized

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